How to register an account on our private network matrix server


Please register an account on our private network matrix server.

Private network matrix server address:

Welcome your registration.

After your account registered and logged in, please new a chat with @dk:, we will authenticate each other. And I will pull you into our private chat group.

Ps: Set up your Secure Backup key, it's better to download it to your local disk and store it safely.

We use Element to chat anything.

pc application download: (expires at 2022-12-22 10:57:09)
config.json download: (expires at 2022-12-22 10:57:30)

After element application installed, put this config.json file in

  • win pc: %AppData%\Element
  • macOS: ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Element/


Some guidance

choose skip


new a chat

new a chat

enter my matrix id @dk: (a private network one), to hit me and send me a request, then chat with me.

chat with me

Some Recommended Preferences Setting



If you encountered any issue, please execute clear cache and reload first.